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About us

DFM S.r.l. is synonymous with high level technological and high quality precision mechanics. 

Our firm is dynamic, flexible and innovative. We have a modern, industrial vision, cast towards future challenges and growing synergies, combined with experience and passion for our work. 

Our clients are very demanding and due to necessity they have high quality standards. They consider us  their strategic and trustworthy partners, always attentive to their needs and always ready to offer innovative solutions. 

The key factors to our success

  • Investing in innovation through the constant introduction of high quality machinery, to anticipate our Client’s requests
  • Updating and continuative formation of our collaborators, to go hand in hand with the growth of our human capital
  • Organization, efficient and flexible, to meet with the Client’s expectations efficiently and punctually.

Precision of every single gesture, care in detail and the search of perfection guarantees quality of our certified products AeroSpace and Defense

EN 9100:2018 – EN ISO 9001:2015

Our services

  • milling from 3 to 5 axes
  • motorized and bar pickup turning
  • small assemblies, etc.
  • complete management of the activities of external special processes with the use of certified and qualified suppliers 
  • programming of machine tools with the assistance of CAD-CAM 
  • metrology room, Dea 3-dimensional machine, comprehensive and suitable instrumentation for any type of control 

Our values

  • The quality of the products, however, is always essential to guarantee in compliance with high standards, which are constant throughout time. 
  • Continuative innovation to enhance the company’s  human and capital assets, anticipating the needs to guarantee competitiveness on the Italian and foreign market.
  • Our team’s professionalism, consisting of competent collaborators who are motivated by clear and shared objectives.
  • Responsibility in terms of Clients, Collaborators and Suppliers.


DFM s.r.l.
Precision mechanical processing

Via Belvedere 26
– 20862 Arcore – MB – Italia