The future
is today

Technical competence allows us to satisfy Clients from various business sectors in national and foreign markets, always ensuring a standard of excellent quality.

Our manufacturing is applied mainly to forging all non ferrous alloys, including titanium,  or extracted directly from raw materials.

We are able to directly supply forged work with superficial finishings, special processes and small fittings.  

Our cutting edge sectors

The main sectors which DFM deals with vary from AeroSpace to top of the line motorcycling, to the electromechanical sphere, to High Speed and  the industrial sectors in general. 

  • AeroSpace with supplies of components of all alloys (from special aluminium to titanium ones)
  • High Speed with supplies to French and German world leaders
  • Top range motorcycling supplying the main Italian and foreign producers
  • Naval/civil supplying components in the field of machinery for the separation of liquids to a world leading Swedish company 

Our numbers

9 work centres

Vertical (with 4-5 axis turntables) and horizontal of which 7 with pallet changers.

5 CNC lathes

Of which 2 motorised, 2 with bar loaders (with bar passage diameter 50) and one with a maximum turnable diameter of 400 (mm)

1 air conditioned metrology room
With automatic 3 dimensional measuring DEA and useful instrumentation for mechanical work (certificate 9100)